主要功能  Main Functions:
– 抗氧化 Antioxidation
– 深层保湿 Deep Moisturization
– 消炎修复 Repair
– 促进胶原蛋白形成 Collagen Reformation
– 促进肌肤新陈代谢 Improve Skin Metabolism
– 抗炎活性 Anti-Inflammatory

皮肤类型  Skin Types:
Mins 适合所有皮肤类型:中性皮肤、干性皮肤、油性皮肤、敏感性皮肤和混合性皮肤。
Mins is suitable for all skin types: Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin and Combination Skin.

Zero added Chemical Preservatives, Fragrance-Free, No Fluorescent whitening agent, No Colouring, Alcohol-Free, and Mercury Free

使用 Mins Ampoule 的步骤  Step to use Mins Ampoule:
Step 1:摇动安瓶  Shake the ampoule
Step 2:插入安瓶开瓶器  Insert ampoule opener
Step 3:按下开瓶器的头部  Press the head of the opener
Step 4:取下安瓶头  Remove the ampoule head
Step 5:固定滴管  Secure the dropper
Step 6:涂抹于面部并按摩  Apply and massage on face

优点  Advantages:
– Mins Ampoule 方便我们省去很多护肤步骤。
Convenient and Fast. It is convenient for us to save a lot of skincare steps and replace many skincare products.
– Mins Ampoule 适合所有肤质和亚洲人面临的肌肤问题。
All types of skin. Mins Ampoule is suitable for all skin types and skin problems faced by Asian people.
– Mins Ampoule 的价格合理且实惠。
Affordable price. The price for Mins Ampoule is reasonable and affordable.
– Mins Ampoule 不含有害物质,酒精和防腐剂。 因此,孕妇可以放心使用。
Natural and Safe Ingredients. Mins Ampoule did not contain harmful substances, alcohol and preservation. Therefore, it can be used       safely by pregnant women.

使用说明  Usage Instructions:
– 适合早上使用  Suitable for morning use
– 洁面后可直接使用  Can use directly after cleansing
– 建议开封后24小时内使用  It is recommended to use within 24 hours after opening
– 一天一瓶  One bottle a day

规格  Specifications:
数量 Quantity: 28瓶(盒)28 bottle mins ampoules (box)
体积 Volume: 2ml一支/Bottle

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