CICI Probiotic Whitening Tooth Powder 益生菌美白牙粉


CICI Probiotic Whitening Tooth Powder 益生菌美白牙粉

美白牙齿 · 清新口气 · 去除牙渍· 改善口臭
Whiten Teeth · Freshen Breath · Remove Stains from Teeth · Improve Bad Breath



1 Box 50G

无氟配方 韩国原料🇰🇷
Fluorine-Free Whitening Powder from Korean Ingredients

第7天: 牙垢减少⚡️
DAY 7: Keeping surface of teeth clean and decreases the bacteria⚡️

第15天: 牙黄渐浅🌝
DAY 15: Lighten the teeth🌝

第30天: 提亮净白一个度✨
DAY 30: Brighten and Whiten✨

1疗程后: 养出健康亮白牙齿 ✨✨
AFTER A TREATMENT: Become Healthy White Teeth✨✨


【6大营养成分 】

🦷Probiotics 益生菌
改善口腔问题 减少牙斑菌 养成口腔健康
Improve Oral Problems, Reduce Dental Plaque, Healthy Oral

🦷Enzyme 酵素分子
改善牙龈敏感问题 赋予牙⻮净亮本色
Improve Sensitive Gums and Provide Clean and Clear Teeth

🦷Sea Salt 普罗旺斯海盐
温和磨除牙渍 深入牙缝溶解污垢
Remove Tooth Stains Gently and Clean the Gap Between Teeth

🦷Pearl Powder 特选深海珍珠粉
有效改善牙垢牙结石 抛光提亮减少色素沉淀
Improve Dental Calculus Effectively; Polish and Brighten; Reduce Colouring on Surface of Teeth

🦷Mint 薄荷醇
净化口腔异味 让口腔散发自然清香
Purify Bad Breath and Exude Natural Fragrance

🦷Radix Notoginseng Roots 三七根提取物
清洁口腔牙垢 改善牙龈敏感问题
Remove Tooth Stains and Improve Sensitive Gums


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